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Mercedes-Benz Crash Repair & Insurance Counterfeit Parts Ripoff

Mercedes-Benz took a potshot at free-market competition recently, firing a gravity bomb into insurers, but what they’re really doing is trying to engineer a monopoly, so they can rip you off, with impunity, until the end of time. Mercedes-Benz even calls them "counterfeit" parts - framing the debate conveniently as if alternative suppliers of parts are in some way criminals, or perhaps black marketeers. In fact, what they are, are direct marketplace competitors.

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How Do I Repair a Faulty Mercedes-Benz ECU?

To rectify this fault, I have been informed that a new module will cost in excess of $3000!!! I have also been informed that a second hand unit will not suffice, because the module is suitable for a single vehicle use only. As I understand it, if a used module is simply transferred from one car to another, the computer becomes "confused" and it will not run at all. John, may I ask if this scenario sounds reasonable to you?

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The Honda Accord, or the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200?


In August we sent you an email asking your opinion on the new VTiL Honda and you very kindly phoned my husband to discuss this along with some other options.

We still haven't made a decision re the choice of new car but yesterday had a look at the new Mercedes-Benz CLA 200. A report in Saturday's Daily Telegraph was most complimentary and we  like the look of it.

Have you had a chance to drive one John and if so what is your opinion?

Robin and Dianne


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