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Should I Buy a Lexus RX 270 or a Hyundai Santa Fe?

I was thinking a demo Lexus RX270, new Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander or the new Kia Sorento Platinum. I've driven all three, and they are all excellent. I like the Lexus for its badge, quality and I believe it will be a good long term car (hold onto for five years) - but I need to make a decision with my head, Do you think the Lexus would be cheap enough to maintain? Or do you think its just better to go with the Hyundai or Kia?

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Should I Buy the Lexus IS 300h?

Hi John,

Please give me your thoughts on the Lexus F300 h Sport - pro and cons. I like a car with a bit a oomph and a bit of economy. Novel isn't it? Are service fees and spare parts in a reasonable price range? ( In anyone's eyes!!). I drive a Toyota Avalon (pipe and slippers) and would like a bit of careful excitement in my life. A car with great aversion to garage visits is what I'm after. Maybe some alternative choices in car?

Love your Sunday motoring program on Radio 2UE.



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