What's the best family car with 7-8 seats?

Hi John,

I need a family car with 7-8 seats that's good value for money with all the safety features and entertainment along with GPS. Mainly city driving but also the occasional long trip. I need a vehicle with low maintenance requirements, and it needs to have a good warranty and long service intervals.

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Hello Clara,

My strong recommendation is the Kia Carnival. This is important: When you said “all the safety features” I really think you should consider the side impact (head protecting) curtain airbags for row three. Many vehicles do not have this. Carnival does.

Carnival is an eight-seater (but you can take out the middle seat of row two and simply walk through to the third row - a massive convenience feature. The Kia Carnival also has huge (automated) sliding side doors for good access and four child seat anchor points (three, I think, with ISOFix).

People movers are better at moving people than SUVs. Carnival is the best people mover currently available in Australia. More here: Kia Carnival review >>

While you’re at the Kia dealership, check out the Sorento, which is one of the best seven-seat SUVs: Kia Sorento review >>

Kia has a seven-year warranty (best available), needs only one capped-price service per year (or 15,000km - whichever comes first). Kia also offers strong customer support if there's a problem with the vehicle. Unlike other vehicles, there's no significant 'upselling' process with Kia. Carnival comes with a strong standard features set in each of the model grades. There are very few options. In practice, this means the price you expect to pay going in is more or less the price you actually pay (unlike, for example, Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, etc, where the dealer's imperative is to load you up with an immense array of high-priced optional features.

Kia also discounts really well. We can save you thousands on a Sorento or a Carnival. There's no 'hard sell', no obligation and no stress. Click here >> to get the ball rolling.

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