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What to do at the scene of a car crash

These recommendations came to light after an interview with 33-year veteran Victorian paramedic Jim Wilkins, conducted by John Cadogan during a car industry event.

In order:

Protect the scene. This means ensuring there is a safe zone in which to support the injured, protected from the path of passing traffic. Ideally a vehicle would be placed 50m back from the crash, with the ‘hazard’ lights activated. Additionally, safety triangles (or witches hats) may be set up even further back, and a sensible bystander (preferably wearing and/or waving a hi-viz vest) could be employed to warn approaching traffic, provided they can do it from a safe location. (Everyone should have at least one reflective hi-viz vest and two safety triangles in the car. A torch, especially a head torch, which leaves both hands free and directs light wherever you move your head, and a first-aid kit aren’t a bad idea, either.)

You must ensure that

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