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Do the Road Rules Apply on Private Property?

Brace yourself for a shock. The law doesn't differentiate between public and private property when it comes to where the road rules apply. This can have startling, and sobering, consequences. Just below is an example that relates to being on a camping trip in a 4X4, but the same principle applies in the car park of a major shopping centre.

Let’s say you’re in the bush. Let’s say you’re camped on an outback station, on private property that’s open to the public. Legally. A place where recreational camping is allowed. Encouraged, even, as a source of revenue for the grazier. The sun’s setting. You’re on the bank of a choice creek. It’s been a textbook day. Half a dozen fresh fish on the barbecue plate (bad day for them; a good one for you), and you’re swapping lies with mates, with a few beers to chase them down.

A light chill is creeping in as the sun sets. You decide that maybe there isn’t enough firewood at hand

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