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Car Safety – 10-point DIY Holiday Driving Reliability Checklist

These 10 DIY car safety tests will prevent a lot of breakdowns, not to mention roadside heartache. And you'll save $100 or so by doing them yourself

Remember that the time to do these car safety checks is, obviously, before you leave home. Because you might unearth a problem in the course of these car safety checks, give yourself time to have the car professionally repaired before your intended departure date.

Car Safety Test #1: Coolant level

Modern cars have a translucent plastic radiator overflow reservoir with ‘high’ and ‘low’ level marks. All you need to do for this car safety check is confirm visually that the (usually green) coolant level is between the two marks. If it’s low, wait for the car to cool down and top up with clean water to the mid-point between the two tide marks.

Car Safety Warning: Never remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot or warm. You could burn yourself as boiling water erupts from the radiator.

Car Safety Test #2:

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