Off-duty NSW Cop Scores PR 'Own Goal' @ 200km/h in 50 Zone

What's the bet this comes up in his annual performance review?  

If speed really does kill, our hero would have died several times here. Official NSW Police Media statement: 

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"Off-duty policeman clocked travelling over 200km/h on motorbike - Eastern Creek

Friday, 08 March 2013 01:35:08 PM

A policeman has been stripped of his licence after being clocked travelling at more than 200km/h through a western Sydney industrial estate.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command officers detected a Kawasaki motorcycle travelling over 200km/h zone in a sign-posted 50km/h zone on Peter Brock Drive, Eastern Creek, about 2.15pm yesterday (Thursday 7 March 2013).

The rider was stopped by police.

The off-duty officer, who is attached to a local area command in North West Metropolitan Region, was subsequently charged with speed dangerous; exceed speed limit by more than 45km/h; and negligent driving.

He will appear in Blacktown Local Court on Tuesday 16 April 2013.

His licence was immediately suspended and registration plates confiscated."