Batman Busted - Driving Lamborghini With Wrong Rego Plate

Holy traffic stop: Pull over! And drop that utility belt!

Shock: The 'real' caped crusader is not Bruce Wayne, like we all thought -  he's actually a 48yo retired commercial cleaner named Lenny Robinson.

Batman's true alter-ego came to light following a routine traffic stop in the USA - he was pulled over because his black Lamborghini lacked a rear number plate, on a highway near Washington.

He was wearing a $4800 custom-made Batman suit that takes 45 minutes to put on.

Reason? 'Batman' visits sick kids in Georgetown University Hospital, where he's apparently a real hit. He told reporters Batman was a superhero character everyone could relate to, but "the real superheroes are the children in the hospital, fighting every day for their lives.

The cop-cam video: priceless. Right from the bit where the cop pulls him over and tells the radio dispatcher "you can send me Robin if you like" to the bit where the bemused cops grab a photo on their smart phones.

Commissioner Gordon was unavailable for comment.