Will I use less fuel on a toll road?

Toll roads are faster and more fuel efficient? Don't believe it

Potential Economic Benefit: negative

Faster (but only if free-flowing) and almost always more costly

Selling the concept of toll roads to the driving population on the basis of fuel saving via more efficient driving is generally a con, or at least a liberty with the truth. Every $1.40-ish litre of fuel represents around 10km of mobility even in a big car that is comparatively thirsty.

A hypothetical $3.00 toll buys a little over two litres of fuel, representing more than 20km of mobility. So if avoiding a $3.00 toll were to take you 10km out of your way, you’ll be in front financially. Toll roads might get you there quicker, but often this is not the case during the peak hours. The 'user-pays' impost in tunnels, over bridges, and on short motorway sections, is not substantially offset by better fuel economy – especially at times when the toll road is gridlocked during the peak.