Turn your headlights on during the day

This simple step makes you much more visible.

Put your headlights on in the daytime – low beam – and, please, no jokes about wasting electricity. Many crashes occur because the other driver simply doesn’t see you.

Think about it: he’s stopped at a T-intersection, looking both ways. You’re approaching. He doesn’t see you. He pulls out, into the intersection. BANG! Instant worst day of your life. And maybe his. It’s very little consolation, from a bed in a trauma centre, to reflect that you were actually in the right – while very skilled doctors discuss whether they can save your leg.

If switching your lights on in the daytime can reduce the risk to you of being in this position, then it’s a small action with potentially major benefits.

Putting your lights on in the daytime makes it much easier for other drivers to see you, it reduces your crash risk, and it’s dead simple to do. Just remember to switch off the lights when you stop, otherwise you might flatten the battery. (That’s if the car doesn’t turn its lights off automatically when you kill the ignition – modern Holdens and Hyundais, and others, do this for you, automatically.)


safetyJohn CadoganComment