Thanks very much...

I really appreciate you taking the time to make contact with me. I'll get back to you inside 24 hours if at all possible. My response time varies according to the complexity of the question and my current workload. Rest assured, I'm on it.

If your enquiry is a straightforward one concerning the purchase of a new vehicle you'll get a call direct from the car-buying team ASAP. (Details below.) If your question is more complex - for example, if you are trying to decide between vehicles - I'll follow up directly with some advice by e-mail as well.

With the direct new car buying assistance, it'll be Ben or Alex from the brokerage who will call you direct. These guys are real experts in new vehicle pricing, and they will help you achieve the best price on your new vehicle, plus help you get a good trade-in if you need assistance with that. They can also assist with competitive, low-rate finance through a pool of reputable Australian lending institutions. Ben and Alex are hands-on with the retail landscape every day - so they can advise you on things like stock levels and other factors that determine available discounts on particular models.

If I can be of any other assistance, please let me know here >>


John Cadogan

   Six reasons why you
   will benefit from our
   car buying process

  1. You will save thousands
    Bulk buying power delivers fleet discount pricing - or better - every time
  2. Competition drives the price down
    A large pool of dealers competes for your business - both the new vehicle sale and your trade-in
  3. Zero pressure
    Does anyone actually enjoy going face-to-face with a car salesman? You won't have to
  4. Best finance
    Option of low-interest finance from a large pool of reputable Australian lenders
  5. The broker works for you
    The broker does not get paid unless he delivers you a better deal - and the successful dealer pays them
  6. You're in charge
    Fast, friendly turnaround, plus total customer focus means you get the best deal - on your terms and to your timing - and you don't have to negotiate with a dealer, ever again

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