What Used Wagon Should I Buy under $14k?


Hey John, really love your segment on Tim's program, wish it went longer.  I would like your advice on a used mid sized wagon in the $14k range with under 100,000 kms I like the V50 and Liberty/ Outback as these have good luxury and looks as well as decent fuel consumption and well built. In the Liberty, is the 2.0-litre is a little underdone in performance and should I go the 2.5? I would love the T5 Volvo but not sure if my budget allows.

Love to know your thoughts. Cheers, Graham


Hey Graham, thank you for the very kind words. I love doing the show on radio 2UE with Tim Webster at 3pm Sundays mate.

I think we can scratch the used Volvo. You're on a budget, so obviously you need a car that's not going to hit you with a repair bill you can't jumpt over.

I'm thinking Mazda6 or Liberty would be ideal.

In terms of Mazda6 I think you'd find a pretty good 2008 model for $14k - in good condition with low kays. Try shooting for something along the lines of this 2008 Mazda6 wagon.

In Subaru Liberty territory, look for a 2009 Liberty - also in good condition with low kays for about $14k. Here's a link to the kind of Subaru Liberty Wagon I'm referring to.

Both have 2.5-litre engines and go OK, but the Liberty has a CVT, which will take some getting used to. (But is good for economy.)

Check out the links, which take you to pages on Redbook, with specs and likely pricing in directly comparable formats.

See also my used car buyer's checklist.

I hope this helps.


John Cadogan