How to Save Thousands on a New Car This Month

Do not let a car dealer tell you the price of your next new car is non-negotiable. It is highly negotiable. There's a lot of incremental profit margin in new cars.

Here are some of my most recent customer savings

Buying a car is one of life's most stressful commercial transactions - because you know the dealership is having a lend of you. 

Watch my exclusive video report: How to beat a car dealer (right).  So far it's had 163,000 views, 2512 likes, and 72 dislikes (probably from car dealers...)

This report contains 20 effective car buying strategies that work. It will skill you up to the point where setting foot in a dealership is at least a fair fight. But remember, your opponent is match fit.

And bear in mind buying a car is an endurance event. Learn to say 'no' and make sure you do the deal on your terms.

Don't fall for any 'sign now' sales strategies. The same deal will be available tomorrow. It might even get better...


Car dealers have very sophisticated strategies to profiteer at every turn. For example:

  • The paint protection you do not need.
  • The rustproofing you do not need.
  • Finance deals that are simply very poor value for you.
  • Branded insurance with excessive mark-ups.
  • Leveraging your trade-in against your purchase, and vice-versa.
  • Excessive fees & charges, such as the notorious dealer delivery fee.
  • The endless up-sell of options, accessories, tinting, etc.
  • Extended warranties that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

Everyone in business deserves to make a fair profit. That’s entirely reasonable. But some dealers turn the quest for profit into a blood sport. Tick every box above, and the salesman is well on his way to three weeks of skiing in Aspen this December … and a new kitchen. Courtesy of you. Sound like fun?


I routinely save buyers thousands on their next new cars. You don’t have to go face-to-face with a car dealer - my team and I will do that for you. There’s zero stress and zero ‘hard sell’.

We’ll pitch your car purchase to multiple dealers, and use competition and volume buying discounts to drive the price down for you. We’ll facilitate all of the paperwork, and all of the interaction - including setting up that critical test drive for you in the absence of dealership ‘hard sell’.

We’ll insulate you from all of the above profiteering tricks and traps.


If you have a trade-in, we’ll use the same competitive tendering process to drive the price of that trade-in up as high as the market will bear. Never let a dealer leverage the trade-in against your new car purchase, at least not up front. This just opens the door to you paying through the neck.


If you need finance we’ll go out into the market and tender that out to a select pool of reputable Australian lenders to drive the cost of that finance right down. Everything from a car loan to a chattel mortgage >> or a novated lease >> 

We’re doing that every day. That 12 per cent the bank wanted to charge you for a car loan? Tell them to shove it.


When we’re finished, and you buy the car, guess what? We send the dealer a bill, for finding that extra sale. The fee is $175, and you don't get that bill. In fact, we never send you a bill.

There’s no obligation, and no stressful ‘pressure’ tactics. Just efficient service, and you could save thousands.


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