Should I Repair or Replace My Cargo Cover?

Hello John, I need to buy new grey retractable cargo cover for my 2007 Toyota RAV4. They are very expensive in Australia. Would the cargo covers make in America be the exact same size as the one I can buy from Toyota in Australia? My cover won't retract any more and I don't know of anywhere that may be able to fix it. Would appreciate any help you may be able to offer me. Regards, Ivy


Hello Ivy,

Yes, I agree the cost of genuine parts in Australia is out of control. Daylight robbery. In answer to your question the American RAV4 and the Australian RAV4 are the same thing from a cargo bay perspective. The cargo blinds should be interchangeable. I would ask to see a high-resolution photo first and compare that to the one you have.

Because it is about 1.5 metres long, it could be expensive to ship to Australia, however, so I would be wary of that. Make sure you factor in the cost of international shipping before buying.

Alternatively, I have taken the liberty of cross-referencing your postcode with the location of nearby motor trimmers. They might be able to fix the cargo blind you have. Give them a go first.

Here is a Yellow Pages listing for those businesses in your postcode.

There are two main causes of cargo blind failure - yours might be repairable. Here is a guide to fixing the problem.

I hope this helps, and best regards,