Should I Buy a Mazda3 SP25 GT?

2015 Mazda3 SP25 GT


I am considering buying a Mazda3 SP25 GT Sedan (Manual) Towards the end of the month. I would also like to option-in parking sensors. Manual is not mandatory if for whatever reason the auto would be cheaper but is preferred. I would also consider a hatch if there was a significant enough saving to doing so. I have a Mitsubishi 380 VRX series 3 2008 model with 133,000km as a trade in.

I would like to inquire into whether a car broker would be able to arrange trade in of my current car as well as negotiation of the price of the new car and what the turnover price would be through the broker if possible.

I intend to pay part cash and organise finance through my employer's credit union. Thanks for your help. Regards, Brett


The Mazda3 SP25 range (SP25, SP25 GT and SP25 Astina) are all great cars. Great all-round performance potential and features, and a solid value proposition as well. I have a full review of the Mazda3 SP25 variants including video road test available on the link below.

Let me get the team from the brokerage to call you ASAP. They're real experts in this area and they can help you achieve the best price on your SP25 GT. He can also assist with the trade-in of the 380 VRX. It’s unlikely the auto will be cheaper, and the hatch/sedan are the same rep so I doubt there will be much variation there either.

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