Should I Buy a Honda CR-V?


Hi John,

You seem to be in the know with all the cars I'm reading about! i'm thinking it may be time to change from my 2003 MY2004 Honda CRV auto. Nothing at all wrong with it except as I get older hearing with a Bluetooth on the visor is challenging and the Navman drives me nuts so thought something with them integrated and working well, would be great.

I probably want another small SUV as I live on a few acres with a dirt road. Interested in your comments re Honda and tsunami - what do you refer to? I've loved 2 Hondas but am curious about Hyundai and Kia which I though were rubbish but read otherwise now. I've also just heard Ford SUV is worth considering. I'm on far north NSW coast nr Byron. Any help would be fantastic. Wanted to go test driving this weekend.




Hi Ishka,

I don't rate the CR-V. I never have, although I'm glad you like yours. All modern SUVs worthy of your consideration have integrated Bluetooth. Most are available at some spec level with integrated sat-nav. However, some integrated sat-navs are awful to use, and also expensive to upgrade to new maps.

The Mazda CX-5 is an excellent vehicle with integrated Tom Tom sat-nav - which is easy to use. My video review of the CX-5 is below.

The Subaru Forester is also an excellent SUV to drive on dirt, thanks to its advanced Symmetrical All-wheel Drive system. I'd also drive the Kia Sportage Platinum diesel, and the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Once you drive those four, drive as many others as you want to put on your short list - those four will benchmark the best SUVs by objective criteria. Personal preference is a big factor so you might find the CR-V is for you, or the Ford Kuga.

However, do not drive your tired old Honda up to the dealership and drive one SUV, then buy it - because any new vehicle will feel great by comparison to a decade-old one. Instead, get a feel for all the new ones, and compare them against each other, not the 10yo Honda you own.

Watch my video on not getting ripped off by a car dealer below:

You can also read how not to get ripped off by a dealer here.

Lastly, when you decide what you want, please drop me another line. I have an excellent car broker who can secure the vehicle you want at the best possible price. It's a particularly useful option for people in regional centres who usually have limited access to multiple dealers and therefore limited ability to shop around. (Don't worry about delivery - that's easy.) People routinely save thousands using the broker. Let me know.

Also I answered a similar question for a regular listener here. You might find that answer useful as well.

Hope this helps, Ishka. Good luck with it.