Should I Buy a Holden Captiva 7?


John, what are your thoughts on the Holden Captiva LTZ. I am looking at a Mid size SUV with 7 seat capability which will be seldom used. Also thoughts on Petrol V Diesel model. I have considered the Sante Fe which I like, but for an extra $10K I can't justify it. Regards, Andrew


The Holden Captiva is without doubt one of the worst vehicles on Australian roads today. I get a tsunami of complaints about this car. Dealers even have 'complaint fatigue' about both Captiva and Cruze. (And, trust me, as a customer, when your Captiva has heart failure, a brain aneurism and hyperthermia, the attitude you don't want is: 'take a number, we'll get back to you'.)

Basically, GM took over the old Daewoo operation, which made second-rate cars. Then it went bankrupt in the GFC, so it's had no money to spend on the product. That means while Hyundai and Kia have come forward substantially in the past five or six years, GM is still in the dark ages, and the GM Korea (formerly Daewoo) products are the worst.

Locally, Holden bleeds money like it's going out of fashion. It hasn't had the funds to fix any of the problems because the brain-dead factory has been bleeding it dry.

If Hyundai dished up the Captiva as a Santa Fe, the media would cut their nuts off. But because Holden is a protected species in Australia, you hear deafening silence on this locally. Check out the huge number of Captiva safety recalls here: and bear in mind these are just the safety ones. (Not the annoying ones they don't have to publicise.)

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Don't buy a Captiva. Big mistake. You will be sorry. The extra $10k on the Santa Fe will cost you about $50 a week, repaid in full over three years. You'll rue not spending it, sitting in the Holden Service department, for the fifteenth time...

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