Should I Buy a Dodge Journey?


2014 Dodge Journey

Hi John, been considering the Dodge Journey but can't seem to find too many Australian reviews. Have you got any views pros & cons. Your thoughts on a viable alternative to consider also is appreciated.


I wonder what path lead you to the Dodge Journey? My take on it is: don’t. There are better choices.

On objective criteria, the Mazda CX-5, Kia Sportage and Nissan X-Trail just murder it, and are all superior ownership propositions. They’re better vehicles in every respect.

Dodge is hardly a shining beacon of quality and dependability. The Journey is also a very old vehicle now. (Designed during the years when Chrysler Corp was trying to stave off bankruptcy.) Please promise me you will drive two of these three before buying a Dodge Journey.

Here’s a dynamic link below to the list of all the posts on my website categorized as ‘SUV advice’ - it might help you decide. Certainly there’s plenty of grist for the reasearch mill.

Once you’re sure what you want please get back to me. I have an excellent contact in the brokerage game. He can help you acquire basically any new vehicle at a great discount to RRP, without the headache of going face-to-face with a car dealer.

Happy to answer any other questions after your test drive.

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