How Can I Get My Defective Holden Cruze Transmission Fixed?

Question: Please help me: my used Holden Cruze 2010 transmission is stuffed and they want $5000 to replace it. Ii only had it for about a year and a half, got a car loan of $17000 for it, I really need my car for my shift work and kids for school. Lawrence Motors here in Rockhampton QLD will not help me as I already had it for over a year and the warranty was only for 3 months. My mechanic said this should not happen its only four years old. Please can you help? Anna.

Holden Cruze - one of the worst cars on Australian roads. DON'T BUY!


I'm sure this is very confronting and frustrating. You need to read this answer here >> It clarifies exactly what car companies are required to cover and what they are not, once the 'factory' warranty runs out. They are not obligation-free at this point, so you still have a good chance.

The short version is that provided the car has been appropriately serviced (not necessarily by Holden) and provided it has not been abused then all that matters is: What is the reasonable life of the transmission. 

Subject to proper service and lack of abuse, then transmissions should last significantly longer than four years. Remember that you are dealing with Holden here - dealerships do not get to decide this stuff. Your issue is between Holden (who made the car) and you. You need to tell them that you understand consumer law, and that Holden is still liable because the reasonable life of the transmission is well over four years.

So basically you need to go to a Holden dealer and complain long and hard. And if that doesn't work, go direct to Holden in Melbourne via their customer care line. Holden should be ashamed of itself for building and selling such a deeply, fundamentally flawed car. 

Tell them you will go to consumer affairs and make a formal claim if they do not support you. Also tell them you are disgusted in their attitude and that you'll never deal with them again unless they support you. Also threaten to contact the media (car companies hate that).

When you get the Cruze fixed, get rid of it - they are one of the worst cars on Australian roads. This - guaranteed - will not be the last of your problems. You need to get out of the Cruze as urgently as you can.