Massive $35k saving on BMW 5 Series for AutoExpert customer this month


This is an entirely unsolicited testimonial from a BMW 5 Series buyer with $35,000 extra in the bank today - happily enough

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Thank you and your team for assisting with the purchase of my new BMW 540i.  Your team not only took the pressure and stress off me during my purchase of a new car, it was a pleasure to receive phone calls from your colleague Alec (as it was generally to tell me he has improved on previous prices provided but was still on the hunt for a better deal).

I needed to visit the dealers to test drive and select the car and options I desired however when in the dealership to browse I always felt as if I was prey for circling sharks. I know that the endless offers of latte and invitations to “discuss my needs” at the salesman’s desk was a thinly veiled attempt to extract a signature and deposit.

The car I wanted with the options I desired had a drive away list price of $176,662. Talking with one dealer that “would not be beaten” and after extensive discussions with his sales manager said he could supply the car with a drive away price or $156,500 for a “one-time only offer ” but only if I signed there and then.

I thought a discount of a little over $20,000 was impressive and wouldn’t be beaten but I walked away to give your team a shot.

A few days after giving Alec the specification for the car he called back with pricing of about $142,800 (from memory) but said they were sill working on a better price. A day later Alec called back with a price of $141,000 and change which was about $1,400 better than the previous days offer.

Based on the latest price I added a few more options to the car and tonight I have signed the deal for my new BMW 540i (with extra options) for $142,775 drive away. 

I don’t know what you guys did to get these prices but assume your team walk into the dealer with a severed horse's head under their arm and a violin case in hand to “make them an offer they could not refuse”.

Well done, I say.

As mentioned, I thought I did well to talk them down a neat $20,000 but your team blew that to the wind and saved me another $15,000 on the best my blood, sweat and tears could obtain.

To you and your team a big thank you for making this car purchase such a painless and rewarding experience.  A special thank you to Alec for being such a nice guy and helping me through this purchase process, I can’t recommend your services enough.

Peter S

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