Kia Optima GT - Saved $7k!

Found my may down to the dealership you located for me last Friday and picked up my GT. Met your contact there, who was the most un-car-saleman-like car-salesman I have ever come across. 

The vehicle was waiting for me in the showroom with a big red bow. After running though the basic operations of the GT I was on my way. I must say this has been the most least stressful car purchase I have ever made.

The GT itself is stunning. I get so many looks and comments re the quality and high standard of the interior. I am the only one in town who has one. John Cadogan said in an email to me some time ago the GT "is a good drive". This is a total understatement and having saved around $7k is the icing on the cake.

Thanks again for making this purchase actually enjoyable!

Until next time.

Very best regards,