How to Enjoy Buying a New Car - Mazda3 SP25 Astina Testimonial

Owning a new car is great, but buying it is unpleasant. I don't know anyone who looks forward to visiting a car dealership. When faced with this prospect, the question simply is: How unpleasant will it be, and how badly will I get ripped off?

This is the biggest disparity between the marketing and the reality of buying a new car. The car itself can be excellent, but the purchase experience sucks, frankly. And that's why I put this website together - so that car buyers like you can get the right advice about which car to buy - an have a pleasant, streamlined and positive experience actually buying it.

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Greg & Kim recently bought a Mazda3 Astina diesel using  He filled out the contact form here >> on the 1st of May.

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Greg asked:


Hi John,

My wife has a three-year-old Mazda3. This is her second Mazda3, and she has been very happy with both of them. We are looking to replace the current Mazda3 now with a new Mazda3 Astina diesel. We live in the Southern Highlands and do a lot of kilometres, and we're keen on the fuel economy of the diesel.

Can you give some advice on the Mazda3 diesel? Is it a good engine: reliable, quiet, etc?

PS: You also called me last week in relation to buying a Hyundai i20 for my daughter. I just wanted to thank you for going the trouble of calling. Your advice was great and we subsequently purchased the car. She took delivery on Thursday and loves it.



I got back to Greg the next day. If you'd like to know more about diesel, read my report on petrol versus diesel here >>

Here's what I said to Greg about the Mazda3 Astina Diesel:


Hello Greg,

Thank you for your Mazda3 Astina enquiry to (Glad your daughter did well with the i20 - even happier she loves it.)

Mazda3 Astina - very impressive vehicle. Diesel engines are noisier than petrols, but in Mazda’s case not by that much more. This is because the two petrol engines in the range have direct injection. (In conventional multi-point fuel injection, the injector is in the inlet port and sprays fuel into the inlet air stream, upstream of the inlet valve. In direct injection the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. Direct injection delivers greater control of the combustion event and therefore greater thermodynamic efficiency - think: more power/better economy - but the downside is that it is noisier.)

This is a roundabout way of saying that Mazda had to invest a bit of effort shutting up the noise from those petrol engines - and so the diesel is also fairly quiet. 

The diesel is about 20 per cent more fuel efficient than the 2.5 petrol, but the biggest difference is the performance. The diesel makes 70 per cent more torque at lower revs - so it just seems unstoppable. (Climbing that Mittagong bypass will be pretty effortless…)

On reliability, Mazda has an excellent track record. I haven’t heard of any problems with Mazda3. And the same powertrain is used in CX-5. There was an early hiccup with the diesel, but that’s been fixed for a couple of years now.

Let me get Ben at the brokerage to call you ASAP. He's an independent expert who can get the best price on your new Mazda3 diesel. If required, he can also help with a good trade-in, and competitive, low-rate finance for individuals and businesses.

The brokerage has up-to-date information regarding stock levels and potential discounting. They use bulk-buying power to tender your purchase across multiple competing dealerships, driving the price down. And they make buying a car easy.

If I can be of any other assistance, please let me know.

John Cadogan


Greg & Kim had the discussion with Ben at the brokerage. They sidestepped all of those drawn-out and unpleasant dealings inside the dealership: the sales guy, the sales manager, the accessories guy, the finance guy...

Three or four weeks later, they took delivery of their new Mazda3 Astina diesel - on their terms and at the right price.

And three weeks or so after that, late on Sunday afternoon after my regular spot with Tim Webster on Sydney's 2UE, I got this in my inbox:


Hi John,

Just listened to you on Tim's show on 2UE and it reminded me that I haven't thanked you for your advice on the Mazda3. My wife picked up the new car about three weeks ago and absolutely loves it.

Everything you have said about Mazdas on the show and the advice in your email on the diesel is actually under-selling the car, which really surprised me! This is Kim's third Mazda3 and the difference in the new one is staggering. This is without a doubt the best Mazda we have driven and one of the best cars that I have driven in more than 40 years on the road.

I am still very happy with my Alltrack (I know it's a VW) but I think the next one just might be a Mazda6. We will see how the new 2016 Passats go...

We love listening to you on the Tim's show every Sunday afternoon, and when you have filled in when Tim is away. Keep up the good work.

Greg & Kim


In my view, that's a pretty good way to turn a frown upside-down. This car-buying process works - it sidesteps all the rip-offs and all the unpleasantness. 

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If you want to buy a new car the easy way - get the right advice, and buy it stress-free and at the right price - click one of the red links on this page. It's that simple.