How does your car broker service work?

Kia Cerato Hatch and Sedan

Kia Cerato Hatch and Sedan

Kia Cerato hatch

Kia Cerato hatch

G'day John,

Before I begin, I must commend you on an excellent (and entertaining) job of dealing with all things automotive. Between you and Pat Condell, I've been well entertained of late!

I have a few questions before I decide whether or not to go ahead. If I purchase through your group, who do I pay? A Kia dealership, Kia Australia, you or someone else?

On a Kia Cerato SLi hatch, roughly how much would the vehicle be discounted? It’s a reasonably popular vehicle so I assume you’ve represented quite a few buyers since the latest model appeared earlier this year.

How do I take ownership of the vehicle? I assume if it’s purchased from a dealership in country Victoria or interstate, then would it be delivered to a local dealership, rather than me travelling to the other end of the country to collect?

I’m interested in a Snow White Pearl Kia Cerato SLi Hatch.

Lastly, I’m happy to be guided by you in relation to accessories, like mats: do I order with the car, buy later from the spare parts section or buy a third party knock off? In the past I've always asked them to throw a few items in to cement the purchase.


Hello Paul,

To answer your specific questions: We find a dealer as close as possible to you, who is prepared to sell you the car at the lowest price. We negotiate heavily with them to achieve this. You ultimately purchase the car from that dealer, basically, and we send the dealer a bill for locating the sale. We don’t send you a bill ever. (You have to buy the vehicle from a dealer because they are the only group authorised to sell you a new car..)

The absolute amount you save depends on a range of factors and can’t really be predicted in advance - it’s all supply/demand based, and varies from purchase to purchase. We generally deliver lower prices than people are able to negotiate independently. I'd love to be able to give you an absolute figure, but the reality is my crystal ball just doesn't work that accurately.

We factor delivery into the price. Even if it comes from interstate it’s easy - the point being, we take care of the details like transport, and we arrange an easy process for first registration in your state if the vehicle is ultimately sourced interstate.

I think things like mats are basically inconsequential. Nothing’s free, ever, and if the dealer is happy to throw in this and that, it just means he’s managed to pump up the profit margin to the point where throwing the mats in is well compensated for. Perversely, some people get very twisted up about things like mats - gotta have free mats - I don’t know why. Some people ignore the fundamentals and make the mats a deal-breaker, interestingly enough. The important thing about mats is: the driver’s one has to hook to the floor - otherwise it can wedge behind a pedal. That’s bad… (Important consideration if buying 3rd party cheapies.) See: Getting New Car Accessories Right >>

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