Is Premium Petrol Leaded or Unleaded?


Hi John

I am a big fan of you at Radio 2UE, you are giving so much useful advice to the listener, I am really appreciated what you do.

My question is, does the Premium Petrol leaded or unleaded? I am having problems with finding unleaded petrol without E10, as I do not want to use it but all the unleaded seem only has E10 in it. 

Where can I find the unleaded petrol without E10?

Thank you very much for your help,



Hi Sharlisa,

Thanks for listening on Radio 2UE - I appreciate you being there on the other end of the radio.

All petrol on sale in Australia is unleaded. This means that the E10 is unleaded. The 91-octane petrol is unleaded (this is the one you are having difficulty finding). Both the premium petrols (95- and 98-octane) are also unleaded.

91-octane unleaded is getting harder to find these days in NSW, but it is still available. I would look for a service station that still stocks it, and shop there.

Best regards,