Hi, I'm John Cadogan.
I'm here to save you money - buying or operating your car(s). Every month I save new car buyers a total of more than $100,000 on their next new cars. I have a friendly, efficient team, and we routinely get new cars very cheap. There's no obligation.  Just fill in the form here >>
Browse the website and you'll find lots of relevant consumer advice. Some car companies hate me for it - mainly the ones that sell lemons, or which routinely fail to support their customers when something goes wrong. They're funny like that.
Everyone in the first world drives or otherwise depends on a car. Driving costs us all money. I'm all about getting you into the right car at the right price - and also showing you how to save money while you're running it.
I have a degree in mechanical engineering, and because I was so impossibly good at that, I've been a reporter for the past 25 years - reporting on the car industry, automotive consumer issues, and reviewing cars. Cars chose me at an early age; there really was nothing I could do about it.
I run this website, and I can be seen commenting occasionally in Channel 7's News & Current Affairs division (News, Sunrise, Weekend Sunrise, The Morning Show and The Daily Edition). I do some corporate work as well (keynote speaking, expert reports, judging, etc.) but I don't take a red cent from carmakers - including advertising - and that gives me the independence I need to tell you the truth about cars. 
Many other auto 'advice' websites are merely a propaganda delivery system for carmakers' B.S., operating under the rubric of journalism. I prefer to tell you the truth about cars.
I don't need the car industry's advertising dollar. My team and I get paid by saving you cash on your next new car and insulating you from that hateful car buying experience, where you always feel ripped off. 
(Occasionally you'll see a car ad on these pages or on my YouTube Channel >> - that's Google deciding what ad to serve you, based upon what you've been browsing. I can't control that.)
In the past, I've worked for Channel 9, Radio 2UE, Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph. So if I don't know what I'm talking about in the automotive domain after 25 years, I guess I never will. Of course, you'll have to judge that for yourself.
I hope you enjoy the website - but more importantly, I hope it saves you some money.
John Cadogan