Buying a Car
Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core Video Review & Road Test

The Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core is a brilliant execution of a modern-day muscle car. The SRT8 Core has the hot rod style roof chop, and it's a proper muscle car - with brain bending engine outputs on a more or less beer budget - and just enough grip to get you into trouble

Alfa Romeo MiTo Video Review & Road Test

Is the Alfa Romeo MiTo as good as it looks? Let's find out. When Alfa Romeo launched the MiTo in 2009, the range topped out at $37,490 - plus on-road costs - for the MiTo Sport. A lot happened since then: Prices were slashed, opening the MiTo up to a new range of potential buyers. Today, the range topping MiTo Distinctive is about $32k, drive away - a saving of around $9500, compared with 2009. 

Should I Buy a Mazda3 or Mercedes-Benz A Class?

If you’ve got 40 grand to spend, you can buy the works burger of Mazda3s or a mid-spec Mercedes-Benz A Class. They’re about the same on fundamentals. But let’s find out which one’s better value. 

Should I Buy a Citroen?

French carmaker Citroen is a very small player in Australia on the Australian automotive landscape – just 1500 sales annually. That’s less than 0.2 per cent of total vehicles sold. So: who would actually want one? I taste tested the top three cars in the range to find out

How Does Zero Per Cent Finance Really Work?

Those zero per cent new car finance offers you’ve seen. Don’t waste your breath enquiring. They’re a complete rip-off. Here’s why.

Should I Buy the Grand Cherokee or the Territory?

Jeep Grand Cherokee versus Ford Territory: If you've got just over two tonnes to tow, who you gunna call? The Jeep Grand Cherokee or the Ford Territory? An easy question to answer. But maybe there's even a third option...

Should I Buy a Holden Cruze?

The Holden Cruze is a rolling disaster - one of the market's true lemons. Before wasting your cash on the Holden Cruze, make sure you read this post - then draw your own conclusions. Voted most likely to spontaneously combust - seriously. (Post includes alternative choices with far better underlying engineering.)

2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

This is Hyundai's best-kept secret: the best vehicle in the range - no question. This post includes video, text, still images and links to comprehensive specifications

Should I Buy the Mazda or the Audi?

What does 'premium' really mean? In the case of small-medium SUVs, it means: "We stripped thousands of dollars out of our German vehicle so we could compete on price with the Japanese. Would you like a steering wheel with that?"

Does My Car Have a Drinking Problem?

How come the official fuel consumptionnumbers are always wildly optimistic?

Australia's Cheapest New Car - Just $8 a Day

The Suzuki Alto is Australia’s cheapest car. (However, Suzuki probably prefers the terms ‘inexpensive’ or ‘affordable’.) It's just $11,990 – drive-away. Here's how you can own it for just $8 a day.

How to Beat a Car Dealer

This is the definitive guide to beating new car dealers by advocating effectively in your own self-interest: 10 tips and tricks that are designed to stop new car dealers ripping you off the next time you buy a new car.

How to Buy a Car at Auction

In the market for a late-model used car? Bypass the retailer, and buy from the wholesaler. The discounts are huge. In this report I take you inside a public car auction, and we track the cars all the way to used car dealerships. Find out how much money you can save, by bypassing the dealer and going straight to the source.

Volkswagen Australia Defective DSG Recall Fiasco

How Volkswagen Australia and its dealer network mis-managed public safety, destroyed brand loyalty and trust, and eroded public confidence in its cars and in its underlying corporate culture.

This is basically a textbook 'how not to' course in corporate mis-behaviour and demonstrates how little empathy exists within many corporate cultures.

One death, hundreds of outraged customers, thousands of potentially defective cars with lame duck DSG transmissions - all stonewalled by corporate denial.