Inside Toyota’s $70k paint shop poontang payday


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This report is my honest personal opinion.

A colleague sent me a link to an obscure story last week. It’s gold. Gold for ‘Straya. This story, in my view, deserves nothing less than the full export-grade fake news tacky tabloid treatment.

$70k Paint Shop Poontang Power Payday!

Factory floor harem hook-up allegations “unproved”, rules on-the-job ombudsman over foreman’s ‘lights off long time’ lunchroom liaisons.

Do you like that? #TotalTabloid. Yesssss!

Toyota ‘Straya was caught with its trousers down last month after being forced by the Shitsvillian Fair Work Commissioner to fork out almost $70,000 for unfairly dismissing a senior supervisor named Adrian Tainsh.

Mr Tainsh was a paint shop foreman and senior union delegate who, it’s alleged, cultivated something of a harem of young, female, Asian temporary workers, whom he had a penchant for hiring - allegedly. Perhaps because of their willingness to do ‘ereyping’.

And I mean ‘ereyping’. Perhaps. Who knows, really?

Of all the aspects to this tawdry affair, this is the one that really gets me: Discriminatory bastard. Nobody’s up in arms about this sexist, racist (alleged) informal hiring policy. I guess it’s only illegal if you employ middle-aged, white, heterosexual males…

In the salacious domain of the Toyota Shitsville paint shop, the bevvy of black-haired beauties - allegedly known colloquially as “Adrian’s girls” - would regularly convene with the boss for drinks at the local public house. (It’s rumoured.)

Uncle Rupey’s serious newspaper, the Australian Financial Review, claimed that Mr Tainsh conceded he was in a relationship with one such worker, and also that he also spent some quality lunchroom ‘lights off’ time with another - arguing in this latter case that visibility was good, and that they had a (quote): “appropriate workplace relationship”.

For 30-40 minutes at a go. With the lights off. Behind closed doors. Allegedly.

A male co-worker alleged that the second woman - let’s just call her ‘Lucy Lunchroom Lightsoff’ for the sake of disambiguation, and to protect her identity - would have inappropriate conversations with Mr Tainsh, allegedly telling him (quote):

“I know how big you’ve got”

Presumably, this being a reference to the impressive nature of Mr Tainsh’s organic wedding vegetables. Allegedly. It’s amazing what a little manure can achieve.

But the Fair Work Commissioner, Katrina Harper-Greenwell, who apparently managed a straight face through much of these proceedings - Christ knows how - said the saucy allegations failed to meet the ‘proof’ test and were (quote): ‘largely unsubstantiated”.

“I accept that this created a perception that they had a 'special relationship'. However, I am not satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to establish that there was anything inappropriate about this relationship.

"There is simply no evidence, beyond the suspicions of other employees in the sealer group, to support an assertion that [the employee] had a special relationship with Mr Tainsh."

She found the dismissal (quote) “particularly harsh” and awarded Mr Tainsh the maximum possible compensation of $68,350, after considering Mr Tainsh’s 27-year track record of working for the Big T.

However, the on-the-job ombudsman declined to reinstate Mr Tainsh because he had failed to inform Toyota of the relationship he was having with the first worker, who we might call: Not Lunchroom Lucy.

She noted the salient power imbalance between them both.

July was a bad month below the belt for Toyota, with another long-term employee - Homer Abarra - found to have been fairly terminated after the fair work umpire determined he had manufactured an atmosphere of “benevolent sexism” that was both “weird and dirty”, in the same shop, coincidentally enough.

I guess, if you’re going to be benevolently sexist, hey, you might as well also make it weird and dirty, huh? Just to sex things up. If that’s how you roll.

Who knew working for Toyota down in the trenches could be this much fun? Toyota, of course, issued an entirely bullshit statement telling us all how seriously they viewed matters such as this, and declined to comment further. They so hate this kind of oxygenation.

Mr Tainsh gets about six months’ pay and no further opportunity to (allegedly) cultivate a harem of willing paint shop co-workers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty or working in the dark. So - he goes under the bus despite the dodgy standard of proof based largely on hearsay.

Let me know if you think that’s fair or not.


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