Nissan Pathfinder class action lawsuit investigation

Bannister Law launches class action lawsuit investigation into late model Nissan Pathfinder over the notorious R52 model’s CVT transmission. For beleaguered owners there could be light at the end of the tunnel after all


Nissan Pathfinder Class Action Investigation

Nissan might actually have to pay for its crimes against Pathfinder owners after all.

If you own a Nissan Pathfinder R52 - please accept my sympathy. Nobody deserves that. But there might be a kernel of good news in the wings:

Class action lawsuit specialists, Bannister Law are considering taking Nissan out behind the woodshed over the appalling CVT transmission in the Pathfinder, which in my view, should be retrospectively renamed the ‘Shat’.

Some names: they just fit like a latex glove, don’t they? Bonus points for being the past participle of the verb - you don’t see that very often in car names.

According to the lawyers:


We have received reports from registrants that: 1. the CVT is prone to causing sudden, unexpected shaking and violent jerking (ie. juddering or shuddering) when a driver attempts to accelerate; and 2. there exists other issues with acceleration.
- Bannister Law


If you’ve been ‘Shat’ on in this way, Bannister Law wants you to register online at

Remember what Volkswagen did for the reputation of dual-clutch transmissions? Like, Dresden on the morning of 16 February 1945? Well, those chumps at Knee-sun essentially managed the same thing with the R52 Shat, or Pathfinder, in respect of CVT reliability.

Shat, yeah: R52 Pathfinder on-sale dates

The R52 Shat was sold here in Shitsville from October 2013. It’s still on sale today. R52 Series II - literally the ‘number two’ of current shape Shats was introduced in December 2016.

Nissan Pathfinder R52 2.jpg

Series Three R52 Shat - the current one - proved beyond doubt Knee-sun’s extreme capacity for enduring bad ideas - it hit showrooms this year. (The gift that just keeps on giving.)

Pro tip: buy a Hyundai Santa Fe >> or Kia Sorento >> before considering owning a Pathfinder/Shat.

The ‘other’ Shat

Just for disambiguation: The Nissan Shat is a disgrace. The other ‘Shat’ - the Hollywood one - is a freakin’ legend. Obviously. Denny Crane. Captain Kirk. Legend.

Above: The Hollywood Shat is a God. He’s still beating aspiring starlets away with a stick

Nissan Pathfinder R52 3.jpg

R52 Pathfinder career ‘highlights’

In the six long years Nissan has Shat upon owners, this noteworthy vehicle received numerous industry accolades. My personal favourite was its inclusion in the coveted top 30 used cars ‘never buy’ list from Consumer Reports. The R52 Shat made it to number 17 on that particular hit parade. The ‘never buy’ list. Well done there.

The Nissan Shat also made Consumer Reports top 10 worst cars list in 2014. Another highlight. That’s a real anti-achievement. Knee-sun also achieved ‘least reliable Japanese brand’ status in that year.

(With Consumer Reports nailing the coffin shut once and for all by categorising the Shat as being at “the bottom of its class for reliability”.)

The Series 1 Shat was so terrible that those chumps at Knee-sun ‘Straya issued this official press release photograph of the Shat - presumably depicting the mode of transport you’d be routinely relying on, as an owner. Another PR triumph.

Who made the CVT transmission?

The designers of the Shat/Pathfinder/whatever cannot even hope to blame some third party transmission manufacturer for that vehicle’s pants-pooping proclivity.

The Shat’s disgracefully under-cooked XTronic CVT is made by a company you’ve probably never heard of, called JATCO, and Knee-sun owns 75 per cent of JATCO, which is roughly equivalent to crapping in the epicentre of your own loungeroom.

So the Shat’s XTronic CVT is nothing more than an ongoing Knee-sun ‘own goal’.

Big Carlos goes 100% ‘Kill Bill’ on JATCO

Reliability of JATCO transmissions got so bad around 2014, that subsequently disgraced RenaultNissan boss Carlos Ghosn walked down the hall to the JATCO boardroom one fateful day in about 2014, with a three-foot razorblade fully withdrawn from its scabbard, and he did not return until the blood ran about eight inches deep on the floor.

Above: Big Carlos & Even Bigger Uma - only their mothers can tell them apart. Am I right?

Anyway, it was all very ‘Kill Bill’. Tarantino would have been proud. He’s the world’s only Brazillian samurai. (I think I saw that movie, too.)

I’m not sure it helped, ultimately. (This JATCO bloodletting.) It certainly didn’t help Mr Ghosn. His current disposition could best be described as ‘rooted’ - and not in a good way. It’s increasingly the way - one minute you’re running a multinational car company, you’re face-first in cleavage and recreationally siphoning off funds for this and that, and the next minute you’re humming ‘Moon River’ in Stir.

Anyway, if your appalling R52 Knee-sun Shat has been driving you progressively insane, these past few years, and you’d like a bunch of rabid lawyers to slip one into Knee-sun on your behalf, you might like to visit Bannister Law’s website and spill your guts, in much the same way as your Shat has been spilling its.

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If you’d like to disagree with me in the comments below - and tell me how great your Shat really is - I’m totally cool with that. Just remember: you are not entitled to an opinion, for which you cannot argue. If your argument is: ‘Me Shat’s been awesome, mate’ then I’d suggest I’m pleased for you but I’d suggest a sample of one does not a decent metadata analysis make.

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Your comments by e-mail:

Hello, World!

John G:

“Hi John, Loved your input on all subjects thank you, your one-liners are always EPIC I really do get a great laugh.

“In the 6 or so years I spent travelling around ‘Straya I met many suffering Jeep, Jeeponeers almost to a man with various depths of Jeepitis, some, outside of some godforsaken town totally stranded, where, even the dealer was there but refused to touch the thing as did the other mechies. Couples just stranded and then arranging towies to ( at great costs) take them to home or next hellhole.

“I could not help but wonder if things, in Chrysler Fiat land had changed but, u now tell me it has, if poss, got worse Hells Bells!!!

“I still own my 08 Ford Ranger 4x4 Turbo, if you can recall my original LEMON CONTACT now on its 5th EGR Unit but have not driven it for some 2 years.

“Been in hospital for One Year and rehab for 6 months. Now on one leg, Crazy bacteria infection PA saved my right leg, touch and go, but left gone below the Knee.

“So after being bent over by Ford and no lube to be now a one legged, 3 fingered gnome, with a large Anus. Lost one finger on right hand also.

“Life can be great fun, Enjoy the day,

“John G.

“PS now driving Hyundai Santa Fe TD Auto. Love it.”

Arthur R:

“Thanks for the great article just now on the pathfinder CVT and what may or may not evolve here for these owners.

”I own a 2017 Xtrail T32 series 2 with this CVT made by JATCO, the car was purchased brand new and it has to date jerked or what I describe as wont change gear until I take my floor of the accelerator. It does this intermittently so very hard to prove to Nissan.

”I have reported this to Nissan during my services but they can’t find anything, I am Sure this is the same shitty transmission although not faulty pretty crap one .

”Does this lawsuit cover us Xtrail owners?

”Just to make your day my wife drives a Qashqai yes we bought this brand new as well, with a CVT but it seems much better than the X-TRAIL. Not by much...

”Is there any action on X-TRAIL for the same CVT issues?

”Australia needs proper Lemon laws were items are replaced at the manufacturers costs.”

Response: Hello Arthur,

Thank you for the kind words - unfortunately the lawsuit is only for Pathfinder R52 at the moment. I agree wholeheartedly on the Lemon Laws front - in fact, Queensland just introduced their own. You should see what the ACCC says about the consumer guarantees here:

I greatly appreciate your interest in my reports.

Sincerely, John Cadogan


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