Infiniti Cars “don't buy” warning


How Infiniti - Nissan’s retarded take on Toyota’s Lexus - remains one of the worst-supported brands in the entire country (and it’s getting worse)


“I bought a Q50 Premium hybrid in September 2017 from the official Infiniti dealership in Brisbane. They have now closed. I was about to get it serviced and was told that the pick-up and drop-off service, which was part of my purchase package, was not going to be honoured. When I complained to Infiniti Australia, they told me this was a part of the dealer’s promise and was not backed by Infiniti.

I have told them that nothing was said to me about what was an Infiniti guarantee and what was a dealer guarantee and I considered this omission to be misleading and deceptive. Can you enlighten me as to who is responsible?” - Michael Sinnott

We’ll get to responsibility in just a sec. But fundamentally this is why I recommend specifically not buying one of these shitbox brands with no footprint and no momentum.

The support network is like a supermodel in the lead-up to fashion week - one step from wasting away.

If you’re not from around here, Brisbane is the capital of Redneckistan, also known more formally as ‘Queensland’. The city has a population of almost two million people. You can see it from space.

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Up until about May this year there was just one Infiniti dealer in Brisvegas - operated by the AP Eagers car dealer aggregation business.

Karla Leach - the PR operative tasked from time to time with delivering sad news on behalf of the conjoined automotive twins - Nissan sadly with brain injury and Infiniti, battling bulimia - is reported to have confirmed the closure, and said:

“Consumer behavior coupled with the dynamic auto business in Australia results in an ever changing retail marketplace. In the near future we will announce further changes to our retail footprint in Australia, to ensure the optimal service to our existing and potential Infiniti customers."

Jesus - kids: I’ve got some sad news. Grandma was up on the roof adjusting the TV antenna again, and you know on many occasions I suggested this was a poor idea to her, owing to the dynamic and ever-changing conditions up there.

And this time, unfortunately, she’s not coming back. But there is some good news:

"We are open for business, committed to our customers and to the long term future of Infiniti in Australia."

So I guess that’s OK. Except if you purchased the vehicle because of the servicing convenience offered at the outset, only to get brushed by head office, when the house of cards collapses in Brisvegas.

You know, in total, three CBD Infiniti dealerships have decided it’s not worth the ongoing effort. One on prime real estate in the Knee of Syd, and one in Brighton in Melbourne have also closed.

The brand is a commercial disaster. They can’t even sell 1000 cars a year. To 25 million people.

I fail to see how Mr Sinnott’s experience is an example of the customer commitment alleged so smoothly, so positively, by Ms Leach.

As to Mr Sinnott’s question of who is responsible, I’m no lawyer. But I would suggest there’s an ethical dimension to this question.

You’ve got a customer who paid a premium - $80,000 - in exchange for explicitly guaranteed premium treatment, who is currently being treated like shit. And not even premium shit. Ordinary shit. The smelly kind. Not the royal kind.

This is not a formula for success - and it’s probably one of the reasons why sales have been circling the drain. You actually have to deliver, if you promise something.

This Wonderbra Infiniti marketing strategy - bra comes off, customer says: ‘Where did those tits actually go?’ It just won’t work. It can’t work. You have to deliver.

So the question is not: What are we legally compelled to do, and what may we therefore weasel out of like ethically ambivalent scumbags?

I’d suggest the real question is: How can we do what’s right, and how can we deliver on our illiterate Infiniti ownership guarantee to support the misguided trusting fools who dropped their cash on us?

Because that’s how you Buzz Lightyear the shit out of it and build a loyal customer base. Everything else is a fast track to failure.


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