Australia’s dumbest bad driving with intent?


I’m not actually sure that doing a burnout on a trailer while being towed on the freeway is specifically illegal - but probably still a bad idea…


I’m not actually sure that it is specifically illegal to do this - worryingly enough.

It is illegal to ride in a vehicle on a trailer, and it is illegal to hang out of a moving vehicle - both sensible provisions - but I’m not sure the issue of doing a burnout on a trailer while being towed at freeway speeds is specifically enshrined in legislation. Possibly because nobody in the regulatory apparatus presumed people could be this stupid.

And as much as I really wanted to see the Commodore launch off the trailer and into the van, and see the camera car clean itself up in the wreckage, thus purifying the gene pool… reality, cleaning up a mess like that on the Hume Freeway would cost millions in lost productivity and have a profound impact on the first responders, and the cops who had to knock on doors subsequently and tell unsuspecting families their loved one had a bit of fun that went wrong, and they won’t be coming home, ever again.

There’s a difference between the Fast and Furious, and reality, I’d suggest. Motherfuckers like this drive around us all every day. This is definitely of concern. Dickhead factor. #’Straya.

I can’t see any other way of pulling this particular dogshit dumb stunt than as a coordinated, pre-meditated effort involving at least five dumb motherfuckers.

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One has to be driving the van.

There are two in the burnout car and two in the camera car. And if these losers are half smart they sent a lead car out several minutes ahead to scan the freeway for cops.

The phone records would be interesting, wouldn’t they?

Those two in the camera car certainly appear to be in on it because they’re filming before the burnout actually takes place, and they zoom in for a closeup afterwards.

Probably not just innocent bystanders, I’d suggest. I could be wrong.

These dipshits had allegedly just been at a race meeting earlier that day at Wakefield Park, a small private circuit outside Goulburn. Just the kind of responsible image, I’m sure, that the Confederation of Shitsville Motorsport and the Circuit’s operators want to see publicly portrayed. Nice one.

What should we do? Firstly, I think you should presume, by default that the driver of every vehicle around you at any time, is just like these dicktips. Always have a plan B and plenty of buffer space around you. Just in case.

As to crime and punishment, I think there should be a general driving offence for incidents such as these. We could call it ‘aggravated drive like a motherfucker’. ADLM. Samuel L could be the face of the campaign - to punch that message home in his unique way.


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