Holden hits 'emergency stop' on production lines


Stalling sales - 30,000 down in 2018 - have forced Holden to halt Commodore and Equinox production overseas, indefinitely


It’s been revealed that thousands of these unwanted shitheaps are piling up in ‘Strayan paddocks, inconveniently, out of public sight. Aussie consumers don’t want them - a bitter pill for Holden management.

This flaccid attitude in the market - they just can’t get it up - is mainly because Holden recently betrayed Australians by accepting more than a quarter of a billion dollars from us in taxpayer-funded bailout, agreeing to keep manufacturing here for quote “at least a decade” and then bending us all over, so inelegantly, and keeping the damn money.

In fact they sent $150 million of it back to Detroit, under the table, where it doesn’t even recirculate through the Arse-trailerian economy. Thanks a lot.

Big Butts told Toby Hagon, writing for that ancient history exhibit in the museum labelled Wheels Magazine that sales were flatlining and:

“...the tap hadn’t been turned off, so the production’s still coming towards us, and that horrified me as an old planner.”

Apparently the factory’s been told to stop building cars until 2019. That’s gotta hurt.

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Big Butts added:

“We’re trying to get back to a reasonable stock carry level by the end of the year, so we can get into the new year in a healthy position.”

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If you walk into a Holden dealer - and I still don’t recommend that, but if you do - and you don’t walk out with a massive discount, you’ve just been played.

Holden history lesson >> (at Wikipedia).

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Holden is still clearing 2017 stock. It’s the last quarter of 2018. There is a 10-month stock backlog. That’s not a problem; it’s a disaster. More than anything else, this shows you just how bad the backlog has become. It’s ‘see it from space’ bad.

September 2017 Commodore sales (the last real Commodore): 2547 units. September 2018 (the first fake Commodore): 672. So, if you’re ordering optimistically on the basis of 2017 sales and selling on the basis of 2018 sales, you’d need a rather large paddock.

Mr Hagon’s History Channel report alleges there are (quote) “thousands” of overstocked cars, out there. So a charitable person might suggest that Mr Buttner’s objective - to get the machine under control by New Year - is ambitious.

An uncharitable person, unwilling to give those arseholes the benefit of the doubt, might suggest this is bullshit. What is ‘thousands’? Is it 5000? 4000? 10,000?

Let’s assume it’s only 4000. There could easily be twice as many shitheaps piling up, but let’s be generous. 3000 shitheap Fake-Frog Commodores and 1000 likewise nauseating Equinoxes - just for the sake of argument.

Holden sold just under 700 Commodores last month, and just over 250 Equinoxes. So a 4000-unit backlog would be four months worth of each. And that’s if it’s only 4000 cars. So that’s mid-February 2019 - if they’re lucky and things don’t get worse.

They have to convince the dealers to buy the friggin’ things. And then they have to find 4000 idiots who don’t factor resale value into the ownership equation.

It’d want to be an epic discount up front to offset that - because things clearly are not getting better at Holden.


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