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Q&A today: In news just in, the collective IQ of humanity has taken a significant hit, apparently


I just love the comments. That raw humanity, unfiltered.

"Why is it that a lot of Ford car names sound better when you put 'anal' in front of them? For example: Probe, Ranger, Explorer, Escort, Fiesta, Focus, Escape, Territory, Transit, Galaxy and Cougar." - Devil’s Garage

I don’t know why that is. It could be retrocausality. But I admire your lateral thinking. Probe, Escape, Focus and Ranger - especially poignant. Not so sure about Transit and Cougar. Definitely a marketing challenge.

It could go viral, but I think we should be careful with this. It could be overdone: Flex, Edge, Expedition, Pilot, and even Victoria might all line up for an urgent anal upgrade. The phenomenon could jump to other brands, and the price of badges could easily spiral out of control.

Known reserves of badge-making materials could be exhausted in months, and I’m not sure I could ever sit in a Kia Stinger the same way ever again.

"...but why do they need to scan the cars they have engineered? I mean I haven't designed so complex machines, but I always save the blueprints (CAD file) of my creations, I know what's inside them - whether I designed a pretzel in them or not." - prof emeritus

See also:

This is about my report on the BMW whole car prototype CT scanner. I’ll put a link at the end of this video. The reason is pretty simple - prototype design is always an educated guess.

You build a prototype, you drive it, a lot, and then you need to measure wear rates, fatigue, and assess things like probable failure modes, and endurance.

That’s what the CT scanner is for. They’re not scanning the parts to derive empirical coordinates for the parts they’ve already made with detailed CAD files. They’re doing it to see - non-destructively - how those parts are performing in service.

"How about you check your facts. The AR15 is not a military type weapon, the M16 is. How about you stick to facts and cars?" - BlingBlingBob

So, dickhead, I actually said that the AR-15 is a military-style weapon adapted for civilian use, which is exactly what it is. It’s essentially a US military M16 rifle that does not go to full auto. The facts: So inconvenient.

Read more at Gun Digest >>

"WTF? I click on this video because you had a big fuck off mad mullah beard and you surprise me with this pathetic bit of bum fluff? False advertising mate!!" - RF

This is the Wonderbra of beards. When facial hair and clickbait collide. In truth I tried going full jihadi on facial hair - but getting strip-searched in every airport got old. Also on hair:

"How the fuck did you lose your hair anyway? Was it a really rowdy Laplace transform? Was it a really spicy O.D.E.?" - Guns Cars and Digits

That’s very good. You’ve restored, temporarily, my faith in fake-name commenters. It was actually the unholy trinity of Laplace, ODEs and multivariable calculus.

I hadn’t thought about any of those for a couple of decades - so thanks a lot.

To those of you who don’t know what Laplace is, and wouldn’t know what an ODE was if it started munching on your wedding vegetables in the middle of the night - you don’t know how lucky you are. Really.

Read more at Wikipedia >>

"Brits, experts at insulting everyone, but complete failures at everything themselves... failed motor industry, failed empire, failed airplanes, so they just grind on others... idiot." - Rick S

Human stupidity is a bottomless pit, clearly. I’m pretty sure I mention ‘Straya, and being ‘Strayan reasonably often. Therefore, Rick, we could probably turn your frown upside-down by using you as a generic warning against the cognitive impacts of multi-generational inbreeding and clothing optional home-schooling in the barnyard on Walton Mountain.

In closing let me say that there is an evolutionary link between Brits and Shitsvillians, and I guess to a Retardistani ear the distinction might be subtle.

In hereditary terms, a Shitsvillian is a kind of carefully selected export-grade Britistani, toughened up over two centuries by being stuck on an island where everything can kill you - from the sun above, to the great whites and box jellyfish in the oceans designed to trap us here, Down Under.

It explains why we’re all such mad rooters - we really don’t know if we’ll wake up dead tomorrow.

In a nutshell: Sticks and stones. Fake name nutbag comments from YouTube cannot hurt me, because I have to tiptoe like Jesus across a backyard swimming pool over a carpet of venomous snakes and spiders just to make my morning coffee. Because ‘Straya! Yesssss!


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