Used Car Buyer's Checklist

Used Car Buyer's Checklist


Take the risk out of buying your next used car with my Used Car Buyer's Checklist - the essential 10-page guide to self-protection.

The Used Car Buyer's Checklist covers everything from categorically identifying the seller and the vehicle, to mechanical assessment and checking for previous major crash repairs.

You'll also learn how to ensure the used car you're considering purchasing isn't the security on someone else's load (a great way to see your 'new' car repossessed). Plus, the Used Car Buyer's Checklist will tell you how to tell if the car you're looking at is a potential repaired insurance write-off, or if it's likely to have had the odometer wound back.

The Used Car Buyer's Checklist is all about protecting you from the most common used car seller scams - at $4.99 it's the cheapest insurance you'll ever find.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD - you will receive a download link by e-mail as soon as your secure transaction completes. Beat the Dealer is delivered as a PDF, compatible with Windows, Mac, and tablets/smartphones.


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