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Which Small Car Should You Buy in 2016?

If you’re in the market for a mainstream small car costing less than $40 grand - that basically means a Toyota Corolla-sized car - let’s eliminate the utter crap

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Why does my Holden Cruze rev too high on the freeway?

The major annoyance with my Holden Cruze Equipe is the high gear ratio. Travelling at 110km/h and the 5th gear RPMs are sitting just over 3000, which makes the car sound like it's...screaming (is one way to put it). It's like it really needs a 6th gear. I have taken it to my dealer and they say that there is nothing they can do to lower the gear ratio. Is this true?

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Should I Buy a Volkswagen Golf or a Mazda3?

I want to spend around $30,000 on a new car, have driven test Golf Highline and Mazda SP25GT. Loved the ride and engine response in the Volkswagen Golf Highline. The Mazda3 SP25 GT was nicely optioned but left me a little flat with its ride. Not really sure what car to go for. Any suggestions in my price range?

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How to Choose the Right Small Car

Just read about this brokerage service and it sounds great. Keen to avoid trooping around dealerships and playing their silly games and of course getting the best deal possible. Narrowed the small car selection down to:

  • Mazda 3 Neo
  • Toyota Corolla Ascent
  • Hyundai i30

What do you think? Thanks for your time and look forward to discussing my purchase and sales further with you soon. 

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I Need a Car and an SUV

Could you please recommend which cars & SUVs you believe would be provide us with safe, reliable and economical motoring between the Hyundai, i30 / ix35 and either VW small car/SUV or Toyota small car/SUV. There is a possibility we could purchases one car and one SUV and trade in a 2009 Honda Accord 2.4-litre (approx. 30,000km) and a 2005 Volvo XC70 with approximately 80,000km. The Honda needs some panel work but is otherwise in good nick, mechanically. Reason for possible changes are we need a smaller car for my wife and an SUV for me. I need a vehicle that is easier to get into and out of due to multiple hip and knee replacements.

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