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Help: I Need a Cheap New Car for Dirt Driving

Hi John,

I have owned a 1997 Daihatsu Terios since new. I only paid around $17,000 for it and it has been a hardworking, reliable vehicle. I will be sorry to see it go. I loved it from the moment I first time I sat in it. However, I know it's getting very close to the time I will need to replace it, and I'm dreading having to fork out double the price for a new AWD or 4x4 vehicle.

We live in rural NSW on a dirt road about 20km from town. The road is frequently corrugated and there are always potholes even on the bitumen, so I really do need a vehicle with good ground clearance and good "grab". I love the size of my little Terios, it's easy to drive & park, but still roomy enough for my husband, groceries & our Staffy.

I would like a vehicle that has seats I can fold flat to make maximum use of the available space. If I can afford it, I'd prefer a diesel as I think diesel engines are sturdier. Can you make any recommendations that won't break the bank? It'll probably be my last vehicle as I'm 58 now.



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