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Should I Buy a Nissan Navara or a Holden Colorado?

I've just been chasing the best price I can get for a dual cab ute (style side). At the moment the best I've found is the Nissan Navara D40 and the Holden Colorado. Nissan Navara is about $42k with bullbar and tow bar. Holden Colorado is about $45k with the same accessories. I was wondering if you were able to find me a better deal? 

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Should I Modify my Nissan Navara for Towing?

l have just bought a 2006 3.0-litre turbo diesel Nissan Navara dual cab ute. l bought it thinking it would tow my six-metre fibreglass boat without too much trouble, but it does struggle when towing uphill. l to have heard about these Hiclone systems that are supposed to give you more power and use less fuel. I have also been told about some chip that you can install and l have also been told to install a larger exhaust system, and so on. I am getting very confused!

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Best 4WD Ute Review

The dual-cab 4WD ute market is drowning in choice. Incredibly, one you combine the mainstream entrants with the new 4WD utes from 'sideshow alley', there are more than a dozen models on sale - with multiple spec levels of each dual-cab ute to contend with. This video cuts through the entire 4WD dual-cab ute market and identifies the top three vehicles. It's not about finding the cheapest 4WD dual-cab utes; it's about finding the best.

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What 4WD Ute Should I Buy?

The 4WD ute segment is knee-deep in dogs. Once you flick the utes with fleas, the utes that are just under-done and the ones with expired use-by dates … there are just three 4WD utes you should consider buying. Let’s leave personal preference and marketing spin to one side and use the hi-tech miracle of objective criteria to process today’s dual-cab 4WD utes through the automotive abattoir. We’ll see which three manage to escape the knife.

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Should I Buy Toyota HiLux, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT50, Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado or Isuzu D Max?

I wish to replace a Holden Rodeo RA 2003 diesel turbo.

I would appreciate your advice on Hilux, Triton, BT50, Great Wall, Navara, etc.

What is the benefit of metallic paint, considering it is an extra cost.

Is the end of financial year sale a real saving.

Wary of common rail diesel.

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