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More Ford Focus Transmission Problems

I have had my car in three times regarding this issue & only once they replaced one clutch motor but the problem is still there. Cessnock Ford have told me they have never come across this problem before... What crap. The engine light comes on at least once a week but Ford just say that there is a loose earth wire or some other crap. I guess what I am really asking for is some help or any assistance you can spare. It would be appreciated greatly. This is the first Ford I have ever purchased & I guarantee it will be the last!!

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Which Small Car Should You Buy in 2016?

If you’re in the market for a mainstream small car costing less than $40 grand - that basically means a Toyota Corolla-sized car - let’s eliminate the utter crap

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Should I Buy a Volkswagen Golf or a Mazda3?

I want to spend around $30,000 on a new car, have driven test Golf Highline and Mazda SP25GT. Loved the ride and engine response in the Volkswagen Golf Highline. The Mazda3 SP25 GT was nicely optioned but left me a little flat with its ride. Not really sure what car to go for. Any suggestions in my price range?

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