New Global Hyundai Dealership Look Announced

Coming soon to a dealership near you: New corporate ID for Hyundai  - but will dealers embrace the multi-million-dollar capital investment?

Hyundai Motor Company has announced new corporate identity for its retail spaces, with the plan being to unify its presentation globally by the end of the decade.

The new look represents multi-million-dollar capital investments for dealerships, which are independent businesses with a franchise to sell the brand. The new ID even has a name: Hyundai calls it 'Global Dealership Space Identity'. The salient features are floor-to-ceiling glass and a bronze roof fascia incorporating the 'H' logo. It's something of a departure from the traditional Hyundai blue.

Dealers will probably bitch and moan about the up-front capital cost, but in truth they really don't really have substantial grounds for complaint. In the past 10 years, Hyundai dealers in Australia have enjoyed massive sales growth - up from 30,921 (2003) to 97,006 (2013). In the same period, Holden sales have dropped from 175,412 to 112,059 and Ford sales have fallen from 126,581 to 87,236.

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