Are Volkswagen's DSG Issues Solved?


2014 Volkswagen Golf
Best price for a Golf GTI Performance Pack: Looking to buy 1 x new VW Golf GTI Performance Pack DSG in White with leather seats. Also, are there still problems with DSG in 2014 model GTI? Regards, Andrew.


Volkswagen builds beautiful cars. What a pity they don't let the Japanese build them properly.

I think they have addressed the DSG issues - not that you'd ever know. That mob, like all car companies, try very hard not to admit there's even a problem in the first place.

Volkswagen's biggest problem is meteoric growth. Sales are up five-fold in 10 years in Australia, and a massive amount of additional product has launched to underpin that growth. There are monumental quality problems, and - worse - the Volkswagen dealer network is renowned for not giving a toss if you present at their premises with a problem. By and large, they just don't care.

Most Volkswagens are not problematic. People who own the cars in this majority category simply love them. Understandably. However, if you are in the lesser category - the problematic one - then your love affair with the Golf will be over quickly, and you'll find customer support very thin on the ground indeed.

I have to stress that Volkswagen has significant quality issues beyond the DSG - plenty of owners are having problems that the dealer network either won't acknowledge or can't fix, and sometimes the waiting list for parts is lengthy. Use the search widget on the right of this page, in the sidebar. Search 'Volkswagen' for related entries.

I'll get Ben Harris from the brokerage to call you to discuss your upcoming acquisition. Don't be too stressed about it: most people who play Russian Roulette don't decorate the wall, and in this case, you have many more than six chambers in the revolver, and only one bullet loaded.

See below for JD Power's robust independent assessment of dependability (unfortunately from the USA). Note Volkswagen still in the bottom quarter of the class...