Should I Buy Used Suzuki Alto?


Hi John,

Could you tell me for a 2nd car if the Suzuki Alto would be any good? I am looking for a runaround - something small and cost less to run. We have 2 kids so I don't expect to use it for ever but your opinion would be great. You can get used auto Suzuki Altos for around $10000 on car sales


Jess O.

P.S. Keep up the good work


Hi Jess,

Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep it up. A brand new Alto is only $12k drive away with the full warranty, so I'd be going that way. In fact the $12k offer is still current.  Here's a screen shot of part of the Suzuki website I just took right now.

Alto 01.png

According to the NRMA, it's the cheapest car to own and operate. So for a little local runaround I think you'll be fine. It's a capable little car built down to a price, so as long as your expectations are in line with that, you'll be right. (And as long as the kids are young - because long legs and the Alto's back seat aren't compatible.)

It's pretty safe too - four stars from ANCAP. See the ANCAP report on the Alto here.

To research used Suzuki Alto prices by year, click here. The Suzuki Alto has been sold here since 2009. The cheapest 2009 model on private sale should be about $6500 today. See the report here. The cheapest 2013 model would be about $8500. Report here. Most expensive 2013 model should be just under $10k. Report on that one here. Bear in mind CarSales prices are asking prices - so room for negotiating 'fat' is built in.

You might be interested in this video I just did about new Alto affordability.

Full report on the Alto piece above here.

Please let me know if you want to buy a new one. I have an excellent broker who can probably get you a bit better price than $11,990 drive away. And if you need the extra $2k he's also a car finance whiz kid. (He helped me with the Alto affordability video above.) Contact me here. He's helped numerous listeners from Radio 2UE where I work as a host, and other visitors to this blog without a single complaint. So he must be doing something right.

For the $2k difference between new and used, I think the advantages of new far outweigh the extra dough.

Hope this helps, and best of luck with it Jess.