Should I Buy a Hyundai i30 SE?

Hyundai's current i30 SE promotion - at the time of writing

QUESTION: I'm looking at purchasing a new small car. This car was No 1. on the 2013 Australia's Best Cars rating website (under $35k) . I've spoken to a dealer in Hobart today who has stated drive away for $21,500 for a current in stock and recently registered car. A couple of questions:

  1. Is this car a value buy? 
  2. Can your broker find a better price, delivered to Tasmania?
  3. Is there a better small car option on the market?

Thanks, Brian


In response to the specific points you raised:

  1. The Hyundai i30 SE is good value. The Hyundai i30 SE packs a lot of features and a long warranty into an affordable package that's also very safe. Build quality is solid and the vehicle is one of the best Hyundai has ever sold.
  2. I don’t know the details of exactly how low the brokerage can drive the price on the Hyundai i30 SE, delivered to Tasmania. I'll get them to call you later today. 
  3. Difficult to answer without knowing more about the kind of things that matter to you. (Mazda has a 2.5-litre engine in the SP25, which goes better than the base i30 (and the base Mazda…) There are some diesels available for high-mileage drivers. Depends on you and what you want. 

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In summary, the i30 is a good, honest small car with lots of features for the money and a long warranty. Hyundai builds acceptable petrol engines and really good diesels, but there is a substantial premium price payable on the diesel up front. More on petrol versus diesel >>

When you say ‘recently registered’, do you mean a used car? I ask this because brokers can help only with new cars. If you mean ‘demonstrator’ I’d be a bit careful on the issue of demonstrators. Dealers put a discount up front on demonstrators but it is often insufficient to cover the real cost of depreciation at this stage of the car’s life (because you’re essentially buying a used car when you buy a demonstrator).

I’d also want to be entirely sure it hasn’t been crashed if it’s been registered and driven. If it is already registered, look at the odometer and also have a close inspection (by an expert if you're not qualified to do this) that the car has not been crashed (for example, during a test drive). I would want to know why it is already registered if it is not a demonstrator. (Car companies sometimes register cars to fudge the figures if sales are poor in a particular month, because the reported sales figures are based on registrations, not sales per se.)

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