Should I Buy a Holden Malibu CDX?


Hi John,

Just wanted your expert opinion on the Holden Malibu CDX... it has a 3.5 star rating from CarsGuide but what's your take? I'm looking to drop about $35k on a new car any other "reliable" cars you would recommend? I prefer to have a rear camera, and if possible a digital radio (but that one is a luxury) obviously fuel efficiency is a big one too.

Cheers mate, as always enjoy your show and respect your opinion.



Hi Brian,

Thanks for listening - I appreciate your kind words. But I wouldn't buy a Holden (or a Volkswagen) if my damn life depended on it.)

Mate, Malibu is 3.5 stars on a good day. Mazda6 is much, much better. Not only is the Mazda6 a better car by a mile, but Mazda also has the best customer service ranking in the industry. (Full report on that HERE.) In the same report you'll see Volkswagen last, and Holden in second-last place. They're both disasters of brands to own. Here's why:

  • Poor build quality
  • Below average reliability
  • Lousy service when something goes wrong (mix of arrogance, incompetence and apathy there)

Additionally, with Holden, pulling out of Australian manufacturing will do untold harm to the brand. Result? By 2016 or 2017 Holden will be far less popular than it is now. This means a depreciation disaster for you if you buy one.

Try the Mazda6. If you like it, get back to me and I'll put you in touch with a red-hot car broker who can secure you a really good price on the car of your dreams. Get a quote from a dealer, for the broker to beat.

If you don't like the Mazda6, get back to me and we'll toss some other options around, but I reckon it's the best car in that segment of the market.