How Do I Sell My Lexus SC430?


Gday John. I have owned a Lexus SC430 for three years, and recently placed it on Carsales, and frankly I've had a very poor response. Can you advise me of a better way to sell my car without giving it away? Thanks, David.


In the spirit of giving it to you straight, you’ll be giving it away. I think Carsales, or Drive, etc., is the way to go - I just don't think it's worth that much.

This car is a complete depreciation disaster. (Obviously you didn’t buy it new - not possible, since they didn’t sell them after 2010, so you could not have owned it from three years since new… So that’s something positive.)

The 2010 SC430 cost $165,500 and has a retail price (private sale) of about $55-60k today. It’s the worst kind of depreciation tragedy. Demand for a car like this is rock-bottom. Frankly it was a fairly cynical attempt to take on the Benz SLK, or perhaps the Audi TT, and although the build quality of the SC430 is typically Lexus/Toyota (ie very good) the car just failed to excite.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.