Kia Brings Back the Hamster for MTV

Can a TV commercial be sexist when the hotties are hamsters?
It's not your average automotive question, is it?

Nice legs; shame about the face: Hamster hottie mascots Kia's first plug-in EV for MTV (cost undisclosed...)

It doesn't quite translate across cultures, but this is what happens when 'geek chic' and Bring Sexy Back collide. (Watch the video below.)

Kia has brought its (almost) famous hamsters back in a big budget 'Gangnam Style' TVC (or is that almost a South Korean 'cuddly' take on Michael Jackson's Thriller?) slated for the MTV Music Video Awards this Sunday. There's a Jeff Goldblum The Fly element there, too. We'll get to that.

The new Kia ad promotes the plug-in, battery powered Soul EV, which is Kia's first foray into the EV market. It has an 81kW electric motor powered by a lithium-ion-polymer battery, and can run up to 160km on a single charge.

Kia Motors calls the ad campaign "Fully Charged". It features Adam Levine going the full falsetto on Maroon 5's track 'Animals'. And, of course, hot chicks in bondage latex and hamster headdress...

Kia's not saying how much the ad campaign cost, but the placement alone will be monumentally expensive. I'm also pretty sure something has been lost in the translation.

I would love to try and pitch this concept to Kia's senior executive management team in Australia:

"Yeah. So ... we've got these kinda avuncular scientists in a totally hi-tech virtual Minority Report R&D laboratory. Only they're hamsters, right? But almost human. Because we want to confer maximum credibility on the product. And a juvie hamster in a glass sphere rolls into the experiment chamber just before the boss hamsters irradiate the crap out of it. Because it's electric. And, thanks to science, the juvie hamster turns into a deadset hottie in bondage latex, so the PhD hamsters dash out in the Soul EV to the pet shop, and come back with an armful or proto-hottie hamsters, irradiate the crap out of them, manufacturing another eight hamster-babes.... And the rest is just a music video. What do you think?


"No, really. That's what we thought we'd do.


"What do you mean 'get out'?"

Think I'm joking? Making it up? See for yourself:

Kia sold 89,708 Souls in the Unites States in the first seven months of this year - roughly twice the annual sales of Australia's most popular car for all of 2013 (Toyota Corolla). With those kinds of sales volumes, I suppose anything's possible.

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