How to Save $12,600 on an SUV

Massive savings on new vehicles are still possible, despite what dealers claim, as this unsolicited testimonial proved

Tariq first contacted me via the website in early April. He ended up purchasing the vehicle late in July, and like a lot of new vehicle buyers he found the experience draining and unnecessarily unpleasant. But in the end he made a massive saving on a brand new Hyundai Santa Fe. Here's what he said:

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Hi John, I cannot thank you enough for the advice and for putting me on to your sales team. I know you have plenty of testimonials on your site already but I figured one more can't hurt.

My approach to buying the car was to minimize the time involved. I already knew what I wanted and what my budget cut off was in terms of a weekly payment. To me, this meant that if the price was higher the finance would have to compensate or vice versa to get the deal where I wanted it. I assumed that this way, the salesperson and their in-house finance would end up doing the work. In the end all I really wanted was a simple yes or no from the local dealerships so that if necessary I could cast my net wider to interstate dealers.

I called three local dealers and said what I was after and they all gave me lame excuses to get me into the dealership. I went to the closest and had to sit through the usual sales pitch. However, I was more distracted by the elderly couple at the desk of another sales team member who had just bought a car. The salesperson had the biggest smile on their face while the couple who had just bought the car did not seem happy at all. My immediate thoughts were: "Ahhh, that must be that feeling John always mentions so eloquently on his website."

In the end the dealer came back with a quote that was $40 more per week (that's over $10,000 dollars more over the term of a five-year loan) than my target. This was followed by sincere assurance that no dealership could meet my target. They then attempted to steer me towards a lower spec model. Rather than waste my time at other local dealerships I contacted you for help.

I received a call from your broker Ben later the same day and within less than an hour got a call back with a quote for the vehicle including all my accessories (which I didn't even consider asking for at the local dealer) for $10 a week less than my weekly target. That made it a total of $12,600 less than the local dealer over a five-year loan with nothing to pay upfront, that is, all fees and charges rolled into the finance. The quoted price on the car alone was over $5000 dollars cheaper than the local dealerships and for the record the interest rate on the finance was lower than what my friends are paying on their home mortgages.

Just for laughs I thought I would send the quote from Ben to the local dealer and got a response saying if I came in and put down a deposit today (this was the end of the month), I could have the display model on the floor for $1000 dollars MORE than what I was quoted from interstate. This was via email and I thought it had to be a typo. Why on earth would I want to pay more? Surely shipping a car from interstate costs money, so shouldn't the local dealer be able to beat the interstate guy buy at least $700 to $1000?

I replied and asked for confirmation of the figure and said I didn't care what the cost of the car was as long as the total package including the finance and all the accessories was at least equal to or better than the quote from Ben. I never heard back from the dealer so went ahead with the quote from Ben.

Kieran, who handled the finance for Ben, deserves a special mention. Because of my work situation, getting the banks approval ended up being quite a bit of work. I would be remiss if I didn't say a massive thanks to him.

I bought my first brand new car when I was 23 and got fleeced buy the dealer. This time I wanted to do my research. Research led me to your site and the result was a saving of over $12,000 on a new car plus finance package. All smiles driving my new car, thanks again John.



My Response

Hello Tariq,

I am absolutely thrilled that the website and the brokerage process made things easy for you. More than anything else I am extremely gratified that you managed to see tangible proof of the savings we can deliver. (Based on your evidence, it’s patently apparent you beat a car dealer - if you have a plan, and independent experts on your team.)

I spent a lot of time figuring how to integrate the different aspects of the process in order to deliver solid advice and a simpler, time-efficient and less stressful buying experience, which also saw customers benefitting from driving the price down.

Enjoy your Santa Fe, Tariq (that shouldn’t be too hard - it’s a great SUV) and thank you for letting me know how it went.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the elderly couple you mentioned seeing at the dealership - it frustrates me immensely that something that should make you feel so good actually ends up making you feel the exact opposite, thanks to the underlying reality of dealership ‘ethics’ (if that’s not the biggest oxymoron of all time).

Best regards, and once again thank you. Enjoy spending the $12k you saved on something more worthwhile than the dealer’s next Rolex...

John Cadogan