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Abolish The Luxury Car Tax

If Luxury Car Tax hit only the richest one per cent, we’d all be okay with that. But it doesn’t. Plenty of ordinary car buyers find themselves kicking the Luxury Car Tax tin. You could easily pay it, next time around. Cars are the only consumer item in Australia, with a levy imposed on their alleged luxury. Luxury Car Tax is out of step, and extortionate. This is what happens when too much fluoride leaches into the water in Parliament House...

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Local Car Makers Face Oblivion

The Australian car industry is racing to oblivion

Making cars in Australia has gone steadily downhill since about 1970, although recently the pace of that decline has accelerated.

See also Why Holden Should Hang its Head in Shame

Incredibly, in 1970, we managed to make 475,000 cars Down Under. During that decade, Australia produced a broad range of cars including Minis, Leylands, Valiants, Chryslers, Nissans, Renaults, and Volkswagens … as well as Fords, Holdens and Toyotas.

Fast Forward to 2011: Just 224,000 cars...

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Why Holden Should Hang its Head in Shame

Too much sucking on the taxpayer teat; not nearly enough viability, sales or job security. Here's the backstory

Holden should hang its head in shame. Stevie Wonder could see that this mob is preparing an Australian exit strategy, and yet it keeps begging for more public funding. Even this week, Holden has the gall, the arrogance, the extreme corporate hubris to do so within just a few days of sacking another 100 Australian workers.

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Holden Handouts Get Ridiculous

Queensland farmers' concessional loans are being described as a "hand up, not a handout". Whereas, at Fisherman's Bend in Victoria, where Holden's head office is based, handouts with no strings attached from Federal and state governments, are just a regular day in the office. Business as usual.Holden's not actually in the business of making cars any more. It's in the business of hosting subsidised 'jobs'. The cars are just an unfortunate cost of doing business.

Enough's enough - it's time to break this welfare dependency cycle.  There's no way Holden's manufacturing operation can survive. 

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How to Buy a Car at Auction

In the market for a late-model used car? Bypass the retailer, and buy from the wholesaler. The discounts are huge. In this report I take you inside a public car auction, and we track the cars all the way to used car dealerships. Find out how much money you can save, by bypassing the dealer and going straight to the source.

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Volkswagen Australia Defective DSG Recall Fiasco

How Volkswagen Australia and its dealer network mis-managed public safety, destroyed brand loyalty and trust, and eroded public confidence in its cars and in its underlying corporate culture.

This is basically a textbook 'how not to' course in corporate mis-behaviour and demonstrates how little empathy exists within many corporate cultures.

One death, hundreds of outraged customers, thousands of potentially defective cars with lame duck DSG transmissions - all stonewalled by corporate denial.

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Australian Motor Show RIP
Two kinds of people go to motor shows: car perves and actual buyers. Shazza and Dazza climbing through a C 63 AMG might view the experience as somewhat more entertaining than a visit to Centrelink but they don’t really constitute an asset as far as the car company exhibitor is concerned
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Tough at the Top: CEO Salaries Out of Control

The US Treasury has handed GM CEO Dan Akerson a $9 million slap in the face

Perhaps because of the pesky detail that General Motors still owes the US taxpayer the paltry sum of $25 billion, GM’s largest shareholder (the US Government) has stepped in and capped CEO Dan Akerson’s salary at just $9 million – less than half what the other big boys get paid.



GM CEO Dan Akerson

  • $9 million income
  • $173,000/week
  • $34,000/day 



Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne

  • $22.2 million income
  • $427,000/week
  • $85,000/day 



Ford CEO Alan Mullaly

"Yeah - mine is the biggest." Ford CEO Alan Mulally on the size of his package, recently

  • $29.5 million income
  • $567,000/week
  • $113,000/day
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Holden to Cut Manufacturing Jobs?

Parliament erupts with Holden job-cut speculation despite ink only just drying on latest $275 billion taxpayer bailout

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill yesterday refused to tell Parliament how many jobs will be cut at Holden’s Elizabeth car manufacturing plant.

Holden won’t tell opposition leader Isobel Redmond how many jobs will go – and Jay Weatherill won’t tell the public, which footed the bail-out bill: “[I won’t] put in the public sphere any material that Holden has not,” he said

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