Where can I get my Daihatsu Serviced?


Dear John,

Firstly, I must say how much I enjoy your various appearances on Radio 2UE in Sydney.

The battery on my mother-in law's Daihatsu had to be replaced. When this was done she found that she needs the code in order to operate the clock/radio (unfortunately she does not know this code).

I heard you talking about a similar case yesterday when you suggested that, in order to obtain the necessary code, the caller take her Hyundai to a registered Hyundai dealer and provide them with the VIN No.

Am I correct when I say that Daihatsu has been taken over by Toyota. If so, would a Toyota dealer be able to assist?

Your advice would be much appreciated.




Hi Joanne,

Thank you very much for the kind words. The radio thing is great fun, but I have to say learning how to press all the buttons bent my brain for about a year.

Firstly, the person doing the battery changing should have used a battery code saver (12 small 12V battery you plug into the cigarette lighter). This keeps the electrical system energised while the main battery is replaced, so that the car thinks the battery supply has not been interrupted, and re-coding is therefore not necessary.

You will get the VIN code from the rego papers or a plate under the bonnet.

Because Daihatsu departed in 2006, Toyota did take over the servicing. However, as I understand it, not all Toyota dealers are authorised Daihatsu service centres.

Here is the list of Toyota Dealers who are authorised to service Daihatsu in NSW and the ACT. If you are listening elsewhere online look in the top left of that page - the other states' Daihatsu/Toyota dealers are there.

Those dealers should be able to retrieve the radio code easily.

Hope this helps.