Volkswagen Golf Electrical Problem


Hi John,

I have a 5yr old Volkswagon Golf. The self-locking passenger door at the front can no longer be opened from the inside or outside! I bought the Golf at Barlow World at Mascot and that is where I have been having it serviced but I would rather not take this problem to them.

Can you please suggest where to go? Do I go to an auto-electrician? I live in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Thank you!




Hi Tricia,

Volkswagens are lovely cars until they break down, and then they're just dogs. They have lots of quality problems, and a terrible reputation for customer service. (Full report on Volkswagen's terrible track record here.)

You need an auto electrician, or a mechanic versed in auto electrics. I'd forget about getting all future service done at the Volkswagen dealer - there are more cost-effective options that don't involve a quality compromise. More information about dealer Vs independent mechanics here.

Try these guys - they're close to you.


John Cadogan