Is the Holden Captiva a Dog?


Hi John, Is anything known, or on recall, regarding the Radio/CD units in the Holden Captiva? Our set (both radio and CD) cuts out intermittently - sometimes for a considerable time - sometimes for a brief period. One sure way to restore it seems to be to make a phone call: when the Bluetooth cuts in, the radio comes back online. Thanks, Davy


Let's recap on modern history:

The Holden Captiva is a hastily re-badged Daewoo. General motors is the parent company. It bought Daewoo, a brand so irreversibly on the nose that they had to re-name it GM Korea. Holden imports them and puts on the shiny Holden badges, which consumers these days mistakenly believe means something.

GM went bankrupt in the global financial crisis, as you are doubtless aware. As a consequence it has had no money to invest in product development in the past five years as a result. The other South Korean brands - like Hyundai-Kia - have not just overtaken GM Korea, they have lapped it.

Holden puts the badge on the vehicle, but it's a dog with fleas. I Mean, you can put as much icing sugar as you like on a dog turd; it's never going to be a birthday cake. The Captiva and Cruze are plagued by problems. They have second-rate engineering, poor build quality and rock-bottom satisfaction levels.

You will not find a recall on the radio. Recalls in Australia relate only to safety issues. Radios don't kill people.

Even if the warranty has expired, the dealer is required to help you. If it's reasonable to expect the radio/CD to function beyond its current age, Holden is required to fix it. If you have contributed to the failure of the system (for example, by allowing your kids to pour Coke into the head unit, or by allowing your dealer to smuggle coke in it...) then you would be accountable for the cost of repair.

Holden has dropped the ball on its product. The locally made stuff and the GM Korea stuff is embarrassing. People buy Holden because of the badge, but sadly this results in experiencing the kinds of problems you are currently experiencing.

Bottom line: badger the dealer into helping you out. Tell him it's unreasonable for the vehicle to present this problem at its current age.

Good luck with it. Buy an Hyundai ix35 or a Kia Sportage next time - far fewer problems and two more years' warranty...

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