Cheap Engine Replacement Alternatives



I listen to your radio programs on the weekend. Great entertainment.

I have 2006 ford transit, 2.6 litre, common rail diesel. A few weeks ago, at 132,000km, a main bearing failed and scored the crank. I now have to buy a replacent motor, all up cost of nearly $10,000.

Very disappointed in this Ford product, can you help me?




G'day John,

Thanks for the kind words on the radio program - nice to meet a happy listener.

Nasty problem. First, I think the engine capacity is either 2.2 or 2.4 - couldn't find any 2.6-litre transits in the database.

The options are:

  1. Get a new engine and fit it. In my view, this will be way too expensive.
  2. Get the engine you have repaired: replace or machine the crank, fit new bearings, reassemble engine.
  3. Buy a used replacement engine and fit it (from a wrecker).

If I were you I would find a reputable diesel engine mechanic in your area (or two) and investigate option 2 there. You might also ask them about option 3 while you're at it.

A new engine from Ford, fitted by a Ford dealership, will be prohibitively expensive. You'll just be helping put the dealer principal's kids through private school, and paying for that next overseas holiday.

There are plenty of wrecked Transits around that might be suitable to cannibalise - I found this wrecked 2.4-litre Transit in about five minutes online. You might want to contact these guys as well.

Used 2006 Transits with 2.4 diesels are selling privately for about $15-16k, so it's absurd to pay $10k just for an engine.

Don't buy another Ford - together with Volkswagen and Holden these three brands form the trifecta of least reliable major brands in Australia. American companies have appalling quality control.

Let me know how you go.


John Cadogan